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About us

We are producers of fresh vegetables and organic vegetables

JPL Maraîcher is a fourth-generation family business located in Bellechasse on the South Shore of Quebec City. We specialize in the production, packaging, and distribution of fresh vegetables. We also have a significant grain-production division known as SEMENCES LEBLANC, as well as an organic-vegetables-production division known as LEBLANC BIO. Altogether, we cultivate more than 1,500 acres.

With the same team of skilled employees and using cutting-edge equipment, the priority of our three entities is to grow high-quality products year after year. This dedication to quality and our sustained efforts have made us the largest producer of rutabagas in Quebec today.

The main characteristic of JPL Maraîcher is mainly the quality of our fresh vegetables, proudly grown with passion and love by our fourth generation of vegetable producers. By growing more than 260 acres of rutabagas, 120 acres of carrots, 10 acres of turnips and 10 acres of beetroots, we are able to produce quality and quantity! JPL Maraîcher produces more than 10 million pounds of vegetables every year! We are proud that our fresh vegetables are distributed throughout major food chains, namely Loblaws, Métro, Sobeys, and Quebec wholesalers.

We have been visionaries since day one, so introducing innovative cultural practices come naturally to us. In addition, as quality and wholesomeness are two fundamental aspects in our industry, we have acquired since 2009 the CanadaGAP certification, which guarantees consumers that they will find only the very best on their plate. We are also part of the Bellechasse agri-environmental club for field screening since JPL Maraîcher is committed to reducing the use of pesticides as much as possible in order to protect the environment and the consumer.

The SEMENCES LEBLANC division is a major grain producer specializing in the cultivation of oats, barley, wheat, flax, corn, soy, and rye. We have been growing commercial grains for human consumption, animal consumption, and seed production since 1980. Proud and committed to growing high-quality grains, we are always looking for new technologies and growing methods that will minimize tillage and maximize our yields and product quality in order to satisfy our customers.

With our LEBLANC BIO division, launched in 2017, we strive for excellence in organic vegetable production. This division was born from our desire to constantly reinvent ourselves and innovate to meet consumer demand. At LEBLANC BIO, we grow organic beetroots, potatoes, carrots, soybeans and rotating prairies. We are extremely proud of the quality of the products grown and of being able to affix the ECOCERT, Aliments du Québec bio, and USDA Organic seals to them.

The quality and freshness of our vegetables as well as our productivity and the precision of our work have made us proud and renowned for four generations.