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Social and environmental involvement

Social and environmental involvement

JPL Maraîcher participated in the 2011 Festival à la ferme as part of the event “a day at the farm” of the UPA to introduce people of the region to the vegetable-growing industry. More than 10,000 people attended the event over the 3-day period it was held.


Posters displayed during the festival


Vegetable and cereal fields, and equipment


JPL Maraîcher actively participates in the planting of trees to protect riparian buffers. The company makes it its duty to raise the population’s awareness on the importance of respecting the environment and contributing to the implementation of actions that promote the conservation and development of nature.

Plantation Arbrehaie_brise_vent

JPL Maraîcher was a big hit during the Tournée des chefs 2016 at the Bellechasse BBQ Expo. The chefs of the tour’s brigade prepared gourmet tastings with the first quality turnips grown by the vegetable producer.

Tournée des chefs

In 2017, JPL Maraîcher participated in the Bellechasse BBQ Expo. The company was proud to accept the honorary presidency of the tailgate of the event, during which participants were invited to taste the delicious products JPL Maraîcher had grown.

Tailgate equipe

Semaine de la nutrition